Cheer Up Charlies

August 23, 2018
9:00 pm
900 Red River St., Austin, TX 78701
Cheer Up Charlies
Cheer Up Charlies
Kay Odyssey

Thursday, August 23rd — psych, experimental and shoegaze bands on both inside & outside stages at Cheer Up Charlies with Kay OdysseyThe Diamond CenterNolan Potter’s Nightmare Bandall in the golden afternoon and Wurve (formerly Teevee)! ♥

Kay Odyssey
Part glam, part mystic romance, Austin’s Kay Odyssey stir up influences from Cocteau Twins, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Wire, Pil, Bow Wow Wow, The Who and T-Rex. Led by singer/guitarist Kristina Boswell, previously of No Mas Bodas. Her songs of romance, betrayal, and underworld flashes are lit up by Liz Burrito’s lunar guitar soundscapes and Kelsey Wickliffe’s harmonies and melodic bass. Vajaja Valejo’s drums complete the dream.

The Diamond Center
At the core of this group are Kyle Harris and Brandi Price, who came together in 2007 and have since amassed quite a roster of friends and collaborators. The nomadic pair share songwriting duties, informed not only by their travels but also by their roots: both are Southerners raised strictly on oldies radio. Crystals is the couple’s veritable lovechild—completely and transparently a product of their stories, combining country sensibility with fringe style. – THRD COAST

Nolan Potter’s Nightmare Band
Blending an experimental mix of jazz, prog-rock, experimental and pop, Nolan Potter’s Nightmare Band is meant to be kept on your radar and not to be missed live

All in the Golden Afternoon
Bound to draw at least superficial comparison with the likes of Mazzy Star, Damon and Naomi, even latter day Broadcast. However, make no mistake, this has both an instant & enduring charm of its own & stands favourable in comparison -Terrascope UK

Reverb-laced, garage-based – Teevee’s Bask checks all the boxes for big fuzz. Through heavy guitar divulging and outro oscillations, the locals’ second EP maintains a sonically propelled lightness, best played out in first of four “Loretta.” Alex Capistran’s soft, slithery croon phases through early Oh Sees and a shoegaze-infused sprawl, topping off the buoyant capture of thick, bubbling psychedelia. – Austin Chronicle

Music at 9PM // $5
Presented by The Nothing Song
Poster by Hannah Frossard

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